Proposal Submission Requirements

All NHETC ’24 submissions should include the name, title, and email address of the proposed presenter(s). If multiple presenters are listed, the first person should represent the lead contact. The lead contact will be responsible for disseminating all correspondence from ACUE to co-presenters. All presenters are required to register for the conference at a discounted conference registration rate of $399.

All sessions will be 60-minutes long, inclusive of questions and answers and time for reflection. Reflection is an important part of the learning process, and, at the end of each session, all attendees will be asked to reflect on the learned content in a journal provided by NHETC.

The NHETC Program Committee has identified three themes that are interconnected in their relation to accelerating the student success movement in the classroom, on campus and across Higher Education. The topics provided serve as suggestions, as out-of-the box thinking and innovative ideas that align with the overall themes are both encouraged and welcome. Preference will be given to the proposals that sufficiently reflect what you have done or are planning to do in these areas.


Growing the Great Teaching
Across Higher Education

Topics may include student wellbeing, tools that aid in dismantling inequity, students/parents/states as consumers, building a broader coalition, nurturing the Board of Trustees, creating positive public perception of higher education, or building bridges between policy and practice.

Growing the Great Teaching
Campus Wide

Topics may include faculty recognition and incentives, faculty wellbeing, celebrating teaching and learning success stories, change management, increasing retention, reducing DFW rates, measuring ROI, lessening faculty turnover, or incorporating the science of teaching and learning into academic research.

Growing the Great Teaching
in the Classroom

Topics may include technology innovations like AI, various models of teaching, (hybrid, hyflex), motivating student learning through improved course design, creating a welcoming learning environment, actively engaging students, promoting higher order thinking and leveraging assessment tools to inform teaching and promote learning, improving student evaluations, or ensuring retention in high-demand career areas like STEM.

All Proposals Should Include:

Names of Presenters: List the lead presenter first and include contact information for each.

Conference Theme: Which conference theme or topic does your session best fit? If you are unsure, please leave this blank and the Program Committee will decide for you.

Session Title: Create a short title that’s creative, yet descriptive. Please do not use your institution, company, or product name in the title.

Short Abstract (50-word limit): Please provide a few sentences about your session. If accepted, this abstract will be featured on the event website and in the event mobile app.

Session Description (250-word limit): Please elaborate on your session abstract by sharing your session objectives, desired takeaways for attendees as they relate to the conference theme, and the engagement strategies you intend to use throughout your session. At NHETC, we practice great teaching. Session delivery is just as important as the content itself. Sessions should incorporate strategies for audience engagement, such as discussion questions or polling.

Intended Audience: Please select the intended audience for your session – administrators, faculty/staff, organization leaders, policymakers.

We look forward to receiving your proposal! If you have questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.